Japanese and Chinese Oriental Cuisine

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Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces)
S1 Tamago (Egg) 3.50
S1A Avocado (New) 3.60
S2 Ebi (Prawn) 3.90
S3 Ama Ebi (Sweet Prawn) 4.30
S4 Maguro (Tuna) 4.50
S5 Sake (Salmon) 3.90
S6 Scallop 5.80
S7 Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) 5.80
S8 Unagi (Eel) 5.50
S12 Assorted Nigiri Set(8 pieces)
(2 pieces of Salmon, 2 pieces of Tuna,2 pieces of Tuna,2 pieces of Ebi(prawn),2 pieces of Ama Ebi(sweet prawn)
Sushi roll (8 Pieces)
S9 Philadelphia Roll
(Fresh Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Cream, Topped with Flying Fish Roe)
S10 Avocado Roll 4.50
S11 Kappa Maki (Cucumber Roll) 4.50
S13 Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll) 5.90
S14 Sake Maki (Salmon Roll) 5.80
S15 Spicy Tuna Roll 7.30
S16 Spicy Salmon Roll 7.30
S17 Salmon & Avocado Roll 6.50
S18 Tuna & Avocado Roll 6.50
Sushi Hand Roll (1 Piece)
S19 California Hand Roll 4.90
S20 Salmon Hand Roll 4.90
S20A Salmon & Avocado Hand Roll 5.30
S21 Tuna Hand Roll 4.90
S21A Tuna & Avocado Hand Roll 5.30
S22 Spicy Tuna Hand Roll 5.30
S23 Spicy Salmon Hand Roll 5.30
S24 Tempura Hand Roll 5.30
S25 Unagi Hand Roll (Eel) 5.50
Special Roll (8 Pieces)
S26 California Roll
Crabmeat, Egg, Avocado
S27 Rock 'n' Roll
Eel, Cucumber
S28 Tempura Roll
Prawn Tempura and Cucumber
S29 Soft Shell Crab Roll (8 Large Pieces) 9.50
S30 Teriyaki Salmon Roll
Cooked Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce
S30A Teriyaki Chicken Roll 6.90
S31 Vegetable Tempura Roll
Sweet Potatoes & Avocado
S31a Prawn Tempura Crunch Roll(8 Large Pieces) 9.50
S32 Chicken Katsu Roll 7.50
S32a Crunch Salmon Roll(8 Large Pieces,with salmon,avocado &cucumber) 9.80
S33 Salmon Sashimi (8 Pieces) 14.80
S34 Tuna and Salmon Sashimi(8 Pieces) 16.80
Sushi Sets
S35 Tuna Sashimi (5 Pieces) 12.50
S36 Sushi Set A 
Salmon Nigiri, Ebi Nigiri, Tamago Nigiri, Philadelphia Roll (8 Pieces)
S37 Sushi Set B 
Tuna Nigiri, Salmon Nigiri, Ama Ebi Nigiri, California Roll (4 Pieces), Tempura Roll (4 Pieces)
S38 Salmon Set
4 Pieces Salmon Nigiri, 8 Pieces of Salmon & Avocado Roll
S39 Tuna Set
4 Pieces Tuna Nigiri, 8 Pieces of Tuna & Avocado Roll