Japanese and Chinese Oriental Cuisine

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Curry Katsu
Deep fried chicken/pork katsu served with fresh salad, steamed rice and Toko Diner special curry sauce
L6 Curry Chicken Katsu 9.95
L7 Curry Pork Katsu 9.95
Bento Box
Bento is a traditional Japanese assorted set meal consisting of salad, spring roll, steamed rice and a choice of one meat or fish, all served with miso soup
L9 Chicken Katsu
Deep fried breaded chicken breast cutlet
L10 Pork Katsu
Deep fried breaded pork cutlet
L11 Teriyaki Chicken
Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce
L12 Satay Chicken
Skewered chicken breast served with Malaysian satay sauce
L13 Yakitori
Tender pieces of chicken breast, skewered with spring onion and Japanese sauce
L14 Tempura
Deep fried king prawn in batter
L15 Teriyaki Salmon
Fresh grilled salmon steak in teriyaki sauce
L16 Chilli Chicken 12.50
L17 Chilli Beef 12.50