Japanese and Chinese Oriental Cuisine

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110 Absolute Ramen/Udon
This ramen dish consists of prawns, scallop, chicken, seasonal greens, tofu, mushroom and garnished with seaweed and spring onions.
111 Yasai Tofu Ramen/Udon
Fresh seasonal vegetables, tofu and mushroom garnished with seaweed and spring onions
112 Grilled Chicken Ramen/Udon
Succulent grilled chickenbreast with teriyaki sauce, sliced on top of ramen/udon soup with seasonal greens garnished with seaweed and spring onions.
113 Chilli Beef Ramen/Udon 9.60
114 Chilli Chicken Ramen/Udon 9.60
117 Tom Yum Kung Noodles
Traditional Thai style soup with lemongrass, coriander, chilli, prawn and mushroom on a vermicelli noodle base, garnished with spring onion. seaweed and herbs.
118 Tom Yum Gai Noodle
Same as above but with chicken